5 steps to create incredible 2017


365 days.

525 948.766 minutes.

Suddenly it is all gone.  Our activities, memories, trips, days. So now when we are about to step into 2017, it seems interesting and challenging to look back to it and give it a second glance.

Why is it important to look back at 2016?

It gives us a feedback on the extravagance of ours, on what we could possibly ameliorate and why we smiled the most. So that we learn how to create even more incredible steps towards life and enjoy every single moment.


Therefore, here is a simple list to make 2017 ridiculously amazing.

  1. Do look back and check how you did in 2016
  • Which memories of 2016 astound you?
  • What are three most important decisions you made in 2016? Why is that important to you?
  • What people you want to exclude from your life, and who are the ones you should appreciate more? How will that influence your life?
  • What is that particular one thing you regret not doing?
  • What are the three things you learnt about yourself during 2016?

Summarize your answers. Create your summary map and identify your key strengths and weaknesses.  If you want to get template of summary map, please sign up bellow and you will receive it via your email.

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  1. So what are the top three things that could make 2017 different than 2016?  Why is that important to you?
  2. Scale your current reality in various fields of your life and mark in which field you would like to have more success by the end of the year.

Basic CMYK

  1. Incorporate your previous replies and set up SMART goals in each section of your life (health, hobby, family, love, friends, business…). Along with setting the goals, identify how the accomplishment of the goals looks like? Who are with at the end of the journey? Where is it happening, the accomplishment of the goals? What do you notice while you are accomplishing them?

Just imagine for instant that you actually accomplish you goals. How do you feel?

  1. Do quarter reviews in order to understand where you belong. What does it mean? When we set up a few small and medium goals, during the year we are lost, disrupted and demotivated, so we lose the track of what we really want to achieve. In this way, you will be able to identify yourself through the year, re-plan and achieve whatever you wanted. With months passing by, we change and our goals as well. So it is necessary to look back, see what we did and what do we really want to achieve for the future.

Reviews will help you to keep up with motivation accomplishing your biggest goals of 2017




Happy New Year!!!

Utilize this day and article to reflect on your 2016 and decide on what 2017 would be different than any other year.

Yours Jo

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