Anywhere Anytime

New day.
New technology.
New feature.
New update.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
In today’s world, we can witness how much technology had changed so far and how it is still remodeling life of human beings. Changes are happing rapidly. For many of us, too fast. Moreover, we are overloaded with daily obligations or we are just too exhausted of other activities, which does not make any space to adjust to the innovations or any other new stuff. Nevertheless, we have to engage with innovations and pursue ALL THAT IS NEW in order to succeed in our professional and personal life.
So how indeed do we do it?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Learning is a key. Learning online is a product of the innovation sector which we have to follow in order to be in trend with all new stuff.                                                    
online learning
Nowadays there are many online materials and through internet we are able to grasp knowledge in many ways and consequently evolve and be on the top of what ever we want to do. The thing we really need is internet.  So if you belong to Baby Boomer, Generation X or Generation Y, your life is now more simple than ever before, as you can learn how to engage and follow what you want anytime and anywhere.  I suggest four amazing online platforms to build your personality and stay updated within newest technologies. Now you can easily be informed about new trends, technology, features, updates, motivators, topics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

1. Lynda counts many registered individual users and corporations. Database consists of more than 100,000 videos in many categories. You can find anything from chemistry to engineering. A very powerful site that can provide you with different topics and different levels of knowledge. Many motivators and powerful people have presented their ideas in different categories. Disadvantage is that trial version lasts for 30 days and even if you can download certificate for free, there is no dynamics or quizzes that can provide you with clear assessment of knowledge.

2. Coursera counts more than 1 000 000 courses in more than 30 different categories and more than 25 providers of courses. Different from all the other providers because it is an accredited university. Coursera combines their expertise with the well-known universities. Their certificates are recognized and eligible in many countries. It is a wise spectrum of courses with renowned professors and innovative topics. Moreover, there is a lot of dynamics: different assignments, projects, quizzes that make teaching very interesting. The disadvantage is that even if you do pass the course, for most of the courses you have to pay to download the certificate. The advantage, on the other hand, s that in some cases Coursera can approve you a financial aid so eventually you will get a certain refund of the money paid.

3. Open2study counts numerous free courses and certificates. It is not that developed in terms of quantity, but high level of dynamics and many attendees are showcasing quality. Very interesting forums with short, concise and innovative topics along with teachers make this site alive. Lovely customer service and follow up for courses which have to be paid. Moreover, it serves as a great assistant with instructions in learning too. However, forums should definitely be renewed for each new session.

4. edX  founded by MIT and Harward University, counts many courses and most of them are free. But on the other hand, there is a certain number of courses offered for a certain fee, which really varies from the course to the professors. Along with the courses, if offers a certificate, but fee depends on a course. You might get some certificates for fee though. Edx online platform is accredited and many of recognized universities offer plenty of categories with 2000+ courses. An excellent assessment of the courses, but forums could be refreshed and updated every time with the beginning of the new course.

If you are looking for certificates I recommend you COURSERA, and if you are more focus  to the deep topic go with Lynda, but if you are searching for something completely free you will be bestoff with Open2study or edX.

Monday’s Magic

Alarm rings. It’s Monday again. No. Or it might be better to say oh, hell no? Again. Damn Monday. It seems like a ball hits us in the head in those early hours. Slowly procrastinating the awaking process. Getting ready for our everyday’s job. Maybe it is raining or it is cloudy. Winter. This day is simply not a day meant for working. You know what I mean.. it is one of THOSE days with no motivation at all. Another week with the old basket of belongings.

Why do I have to work on THIS Monday?

How is it possible that is Monday again?

It is that effortless MondayFeatured image‘s ring which is quite different than any other ring… From that moment on everything goes as planned: our routine, schedule, course to be and nothing else can be done there. Is this really true? Is that all we got at the beginning of a new working week? Should we not be more excited about what is about to happen? Is there more to hope for? Do we really wake up every Monday morning according to our universal plan and just keep going on? When was the last time you tried to change your routine? What about those perfect Mondays – have you ever had one? Or it is maybe some other day? Are they your routine or you do make a change going forward?

We are all human beings who live happily in our comfort zone. The latter is a phenomenon that presents a nicely decorated environment surrounded with friendly people, usual jobs, daily routine assignments, same old path of hobbies and a simple lane of our personal life. What about changes in a lane of life? Oh yes, they do happen occasionally and we can actually say that we progress.  Still, our comfort zone stays our lovely Monday ball of routine presenting our counterfeit lived dream. As soon as we say it aloud it makes more sense: “Wake up, train, work hard, hang out occasionally, sleep and do it again and again. Slowly we become slaves of our jobs, habits and the same way of life that we lead not just every Monday, but every day of the week.We are being nervous and tapping in place for some time but there is no actions to move forward.’’

So how do we know when we are stacked in routine? How do we accept that our reality is not a pursuit of our dreams and happiness that we are actually seeking for?

One of the best key solutions to recognize  that you are stacked in routine and the fact yoFeatured imageu have to change something in your life is a very simple question you have to ask yourself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?”  It is actually Job Steve’s intriguing statement  which made me think about my own life routine  “For the past 33 years I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself, And whenever the answer has been, “no” for too many days in a row, I knew I needed to change something.” But what do you do when you accept the fact that you are stuck in your daily routine? Monday routine or maybe some other routine? People tell you to think outside of the box? Go out of the comfort zone? What does that actually mean?

It is a magnificent place. Incredible spot  where magic starts for anyone – outside of comfort zone. Magic of your dreams, happiness and greatness creating new, progressive and successful you.

Featured imageJust take a deep breath and follow up these 7 steps:

  1. Reflect on your current routine and habits. Go all the way through  every single one of the aspects of your life and identify situations which brought you happiness and what are the ones that entitled you to routine. What are the critical facts/situations  which made you be ‘on time’ in the every moment of your life?


  1. Plan a new schedule of yours activity. Include  new, simple and short activities in your daily schedule so you could diversify you daily life. (e.g. a route to work, add additional assignments in your regular work, get to know better a person near your cubicle, hang up with strangers, etc). Try any activity that doesn’t take much of your precious time and that makes it better, more colorful, different and interesting.
  1. Learn a new skill or topic. Read a new book, start learning a new language, dance, learn how to be creative, how to make the artistic things. Learning is a life long process. Successful people usually say you should be learning at least one new thing every day. Best way of the fast learning is to read articles, blogs, interviews, books, listen YouTube or Ted videos.Featured image
  1. Treat yourself. You can do anything you want. Visit a new restaurant, make or buy your favorite cake, go to a new theater, shopping mall, visit a cinema, travel to the country you have always dreamed about.


  1. Environmental change. Make a change in your room, enclose your home with items, posters, pictures and quotes that make you feel not only good, but great aboutyourself. Also, surround yourself with new people from which you can learn incredible things and make yourself more remarkable.


  1. Social Media update. Do take off one day per week from each and every social media. Write instead your journey or just chill from online influence and take this time for mediation, yoga or for your partner.


  1. Adrenalin .DoFeatured image something extraordinary, crazy enough and something that is outside of your comfort zone. Accomplish something incredible, impressive and enough risky you are scared off.That is not according to your personality, outside of your limits, enough silly but extravagant. Do not try to be superhero, try to expand your views and be enough brave to step up in something totally new and damn passionate which will make your feel fear and break up all confines.


Fearless JO

Tidal Stream

Today. Now. This moment.

We. You. Me.

All the people in this world experience tidal stream of motivation. It‘s simply influencing you as flow and impelling with your energy, passion, feelings, behaviors, actions… Ultimately it’s untidiness with your spirit, inspiration and empowerment.

Every day you wake up wanting to be the best version of yourself. It’s in the human beings nature to want success, glory, positive change, impact and finally to make dreams reality!!! However this path entails of many adventures, challenges, failures and consequently you get scared, frightened and just step back. Eventually you never discover beauty of your dreams.

“WHY”.  Why this happens? Why you procrastinate, delay or never step up towards your long dreamed goals?

Featured image

I found a secret key in tidal stream of motivation.

Why Tidal Motivation?


Its stream encourages you to wake up inspired, encouraged and motivated to create actions towards your wildest ambition. However as soon as tidal stream discontinues as a natural pattern, next thing you are aware of is that you are kicked down and everything sucks. So subsequently you are lame, disappointed and sad about yourself and your behaviors. Furthermore, willingness is lost and you just give a way whole idea, plan and finally your life dream.

Featured image

A tidal stream of motivation comes and goes, it is very natural fragment of everyone’s life. So when it happens, you have to utilize it to create greatness of your engagements and when it discontinues you should learn how to battle against, overcome it and empower yourself. My belief is that you can succeed only if you fail, so it reasonably makes sense to be demotivated occasionally. But those times, when you are confronting the lack of Tidal stream are crucial as you are essentially creating best version of yourself.

Hence, I am recommending you my six tips that can help you battle lack of tidal stream, get inspired and keep moving toward the craziest, wildest and incredible dreams:


1. Listen your favorite songs. Even though they are sad. Give yourself few moments of desolation but do not transform it in day. The next ‘must’ is to play motivational songs which inspire your to be empowered. Here are few of my examples:

UnbrokenFeatured image

Why do we fall?

The psychology of self-motivation

Oprah Winfrey on Career, Life and Leadership


2. Create your motivation. Write quotes, surround yourself with people that motivate you, discover your inner passion, meditate, start exercising, travel – do your special thing, which make you inspired.

3. Reflect on your previous success. Think about your actions and what made you be here today. Think positively, define your key strengths and isolate weaknesses that made you feel demotivated.

4. Write down. Usually your thoughts are messed up, so if you write it all down it will make more sense and you will be able to get to know more about yourself.

5. Define and redefine new goals – realistic ones. Stay focused and create goals for every week and month. Keep tracking your progress and motivated with reachable goals.

6. Go out and have fun. During those times we want space for ourselves but what we actually need is entertaining and meeting new people.


Shall you allow one day without tidal stream and give up on your dreams? I do not think so! You are fighter, dFeatured imagereamer, achiever and you can turn impossible to possible. Never forget that today’s professionals were one day amateurs.

Do no waste your time due to lack of tidal motivational stream. Instead utilize it and create greatness.

Share with me what do you do when tidal motivational stream is absent and how do you motivate yourself again? Do you find my tips meaningful?

Fearless Jo

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