My favorite cupcake

New year. New resolutions. New dreams. New desires.

We all woke up today grasping to do our ordinary activities. Do you remember?

Holidays passed, alarm rings again and it is time for our trivial jobs.

 So take a deep breath and go into your own battle. It is a battle of life, happiness, routine and obstacles.

And you never know what day could bring to you.

But besides everything, you have expectations toward something. You expect a bit of luck, happiness, money, a warm  hug or anything similar as your reward!

This is the thing that makes your day beautiful.

Sometimes reward comes as a long expected and deserved gift (eg. Bonus, days off , etc ) but most of the days,   all we do is hoping for that small and tasty cupcake!!!

Cupcake is just a reflection of our daily, simple and small desire which makes our days motivated, engaged , beautiful and colorful.

                                                small cupcake

But there is always a question of your favorite taste and if you got the other one would you like it, would you maybe gift it or simply leave it?

So my open question to everyone would be: “ What do you honestly expect from the day?

Have you ever asked yourself?    

What is your favorite daily cupcake?

What will make you happy today?

Do not focus on big and long term dreams. Focus on now, people around you and yourself!

My advice for everyone is to get your favorite cupcake every day and create your own happiness trough next tips:

• Think about present and focus only on now

• By end of each day define which is/are the moment/s which made you really happy

• Be realistic to yourself ­ do not expect too much in terms of money. Think more about intrinsic rewards

• Identify daily obstacles and analyze how did you reacted ­ can you learn something from it

• Identify concrete things( people,events, things,etc) which in general makes you happy and soround yourself with them


So go for it!